6th year of 3Kino – 2019

6th year of 3Kino - 2019

6th year of the 3Kino festival will take place in October 10th – 15th 2019. The festival opening and some of the film projections will fill the most prestigious places of the cultural map of Prague – the cinemas Lucerna and Světozor. 3Kino also remains faithful to its traditional cinema Atlas, which offers two cinema halls and will the rest of the festival projections, and workshops. Besides that, we plan on many news and surprises within the accompanying prgramme, such as theatre, concert, or exhibition. Daily program will be specified a few weeks before the festival.

The leitmotiv of the festival: "Islands of Freedom"

The leitmotiv of the festival in 2019 is “Islands of Freedom”. This year, we will commemorate 30 years anniversary of the Festival of Independent Czechoslovak Culture in Wroclaw and also of the groundbreaking democratic changes in the Visegrad Four region. Aim of the leitmotiv is also to remind the role of Poland in fulfilling the desire for cultural freedom in the Central Europe. The topic of freedom is very actual and broad enough for the filmmakers to reflect it in various ways.

3Kino 2019 - competition festival

In 2019, 3Kino will upgrade to a competition festival with a focus on news of the Central-European cinematography. The awards will be presented in the main cathegory. We are also honoured to announce that 3Kino becomes co-organizer of the festival “Filmové babí léto / Babie lato filmowe”, a competition festival taking place in Třinec, Czech Republic since 1993. Starting 2020, the awards of this festival will be presented within the 3Kino festival.