About us

3Kino festival was founded in 2013. Its first year took place in 2014 and presented 28 films from the countries of the Visegrad Four – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. We welcomed fifteen foreign guests at the festival in 2014, because since the beginnings of the festival, one of our priorities is meeting and connecting. In the following years, the number of festival days was increased and the number of the films doubled. The number of invited foreign guests has also grown. The festival program was enriched with accompanying program such as professional lectures, theater performances, workshops and concerts. Within five years, 3Kino became a respected international film festival. Nowadays, thanks to the position of the festival, it presents many new films only a few days after their official premiere, some of them even in pre-premiere. Within years 2014-2018, we have brought 235 films to the Czech Republic and hosted more than 100 stars of the Central-European cinematography.

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