Our vision to the future

In the last twenty years, it almost seemed that the countries of the Visegrad Four have nothing in common, not even state borders, let alone any shared culture. But the history cannot be fooled. Therefore, we would like continue in the cooperation which used to be very important for all the countries of Visegrad Group, such as the projects of Jazz section or films and concerts hosted by Hungarian Culture Center in Prague.

Since the beginnings, MEFF 3Kino empahises meeting and connecting. The festival tries to explain the almost inaccessible cinematography of Central Europe to the Czech audience. As one of the results of the above-mentioned cooperation with film festivals, the “3Kino presents” section was founded within the programs of the partner festivals, which, on the other hand, introduces the Czech cinematography to the Polish audience. The cooperation between the festivals successfully helps to break down stereotypes on both sides, and creates added value for networking both among filmmakers and among the re-emerging Polish-Czech audience.

3Kino plans on bringing a shortened, two-day version of the festival to other major cities in the Central-European region.